How to Enter the Healthcare Field

Willing to Start Over

  • Regardless of your experience in another industry, you may need to be willing to take title and pay cuts to get your foot in the door.

  • You have to be able to establish your skills and abilities in your new role in healthcare.

  • Know that the healthcare field is growing and pay cuts may not last long


  • One way to prove you have the skills required for the job

  • You can start to build your network in the healthcare field

  • See what you like and dislike about healthcare - where you want to work

Use Your Existing Experience

  • The soft (transferable) skills you used in previous industries can be useful for healthcare

  • Examples: Teamwork, working under pressure, customer service skills, etc.

Non-Traditional Job Search

  • Ask your friends, family, and professional network if they know of any job openings - you can even contact your doctor's office!

  • A professional or personal recommendation goes a long way - ask professors and previous managers

Update Cover Letter, Resume, & LinkedIn

  • Express your desire to change careers, to learn, and tell them your passion

  • How your existing skills relate to the job change

  • What you have done to help the transition (i.e. education, volunteering, etc.)

Be Patient

  • Stay motivated and focused - It takes time when switching career fields!

  • Keep in contact with your Online Career Services Team - we are here to help!