Cover Letter Tips & Support

How to Write a Cover Letter

  • Header: Name and Contact Information (should be the same as resume)

  • Company/Contact Information

    • Include the name of the recipient and their title (if possible), company name, and the company address.

  • Salutation


What Goes in the Letter Body?

  • Include the position you are applying for and summarize your past experiences, skills gained, and, how the skills can benefit the position for which you are applying.

  • Highlight your qualifications for the position.

  • Explain why you are interested in the position (not just "I need a job").

  • Always, create a cover letter for each job and show that you know what the job involves; be specific!


Transferring Job Description to a Cover Letter:

  • Take a look and read the job description in full

  • Organize what is said in the description into separate categories (i.e. strategize, finance, medical knowledge, patient care, etc.)

  • Select the top three categories that are mentioned the most to integrate into your Cover Letter

  • When integrating these categories, include experiences that show you can do what the job description requires

  • Example: If the job description mentions multiple times the need for patient interaction, provide an example of how you have interacted with patients or customers



  • Always tailor your cover letter to the job posting:

    • Include phrases and keywords from the job listing.

    • Indicate the specific job position and place the job was posted. Example: I am interested in the Medical Assistant Job posted on

  • Thank the reader for taking the time to read your cover letter/resume and considering you for the position.

  • Lastly, in the final paragraph, include your best method of contact and the best time you can be reached.