Getting Started with Your Resume

Resume Do's & Dont's

Why Tailoring Your Resume is Important

On average, hiring managers spend about 7 seconds looking at each resume they encounter. Of course, this is dependent on the company, but that is why you want to do everything to catch the hiring manager’s attention immediately. Similar to tailoring your cover letter, you should carefully review the job posting. It should state the skills, qualifications, and job duties needed. This is the key to tailoring your resume. The Professional Profile and Skills sections allow the hiring manager to know immediately if you are qualified or not for the position. In explaining your job duties, it is important to show you have the skills and experience for the job.

Important Resume Tips

  • You should only be applying to jobs where you are at least 70% qualified.

  • Are you applying to multiple positions a day and not hearing anything back? This could mean that your resume is not doing its job in getting the hiring manager’s attention. You may want to review your resume and see where you can improve. Need help? Email!


  • Size 11 point font or larger

  • Use a simple font (Times New Roman, Calibri, Ariel)

  • Use phrases, not complete sentences

  • Be consistent in language, format, and tense used

  • Use a Professional Profile/Summary instead of an Objective Statement

  • Tailor each resume for each job posting

  • Include experiences that can relate to the job description


  • Put your personal information on the resume (full address/birthdate) - you should only list City/State/Zip

  • Put your high school grad date - can lead to age discrimination - instead, put your college grad date or expected grad date

  • Use pronouns

  • List references or say "references upon request"(but do have them ready if asked)

  • Mention salary required

  • Use a template/columns or put pictures/graphics

Resume Template

Student Sample Resume.docx