Leaving School

For students who received Federal Student loans and are leaving or who have left, the Department of Education's Federal Student Loan program requires you to complete Exit Counseling online when you graduate, withdraw, or drop below half-time status.

Please login to the website https://studentaid.gov/exit-counseling/ to complete this process.

Exit Counseling reviews your rights and responsibilities as a borrower of federal student loans. This process offers loan balance and repayment information. The estimated monthly payments are projected based on the total federal student loans borrowed.

Contact your loan servicer regarding loan repayment options. Your loan servicer may be found online at https://nslds.ed.gov.  Or, you can contact our Default Management Department at 1-888-377-5980.

Additionally, while the courts have issued orders to block the student debt relief program at this time, you can scribe to monitor updates from the U.S. Department of Education and apply should the application process open again at https://www.ed.gov/subscriptions

Please contact your federal loan servicer or the PMI default management team regarding specific questions or concerns.